Tutorial on my final project

I had a hard time figuring out what kind of character I wanted to create. But then I thought of the musical Annie and how there is one character who doesn’t have an official name, she is only reffered to as the ‘Star to be’. I had an aha moment and took inspiration from that character and put my own story to her.

The first media I created was the audition poster. How I did this was I went onto a website called Canva, where you can use free templates to make posters. I typed in Broadway show poster template and what you see in my project was the template. I then looked up theatres in New York to make it seem more real, so I typed in the Palace Theatre. I liked the font that was used for the word Broadway, so I kept it. I typed in audition, the date, a discription of what the directors, producers, and casting directors where looking for, and the time in which the audition starts.

For the audio, I downloaded some sounds off of Freesound and sent them to my phone so that I could use Garage Band. (I tried using Audacity but it wouldn’t let me download one of the sounds) Some of the sounds I created myself. I recorded myself doing a vocal warmup using Audacity, then I lowered the bass, treble, and volume to make it sound lofi. Then, I used a makeup bag and recorded myself putting on a desk and unzipping it. I recorded myself unscrewing the top of a powder box and tapping a powder brush against it I recorded myself was me closing a door (my bedroom door to be exact) to give the illusion that my character was leaving her dressing room to go onstage. The last thing I recorded was the music. The music is an instrumental of the song “NYC” from Annie. I put all of the sounds that I downloaded and recorded onto Garage Band, edited them, and placed them where I wanted until I was satisfied.

The last thing I created was the ticket. I created that the same way I created the audition poster. I went into Canva, searched theatre ticket. I typed in the actual actress’s name that was the inspiration for my character and who is in the inspiration video. I typed in the name of the show and typed in some of the credits. Then, I typed in the price of the ticket, the Palace Theatre, and the year of the show.

I hope you enjoy!

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