The Star to Be (Final Project)

I woke up today feeling anxious, excited, but mostly nervous. Today is the day, the day that could be the day that changes my life. Why am I so nervous? I rehearsed my song so many times to the point where it gets stuck in my head even if I just think of it. I practiced my monologue in front of my mom every freaking day. This audition could be it for me. Ugh, New York is so beautiful, I feel… I know I belong here I can see it as I am walking down the street to the audition building. My name in the lights, and signs, and posters! I walk in, feeling even more nervous and anxious. I sit down, waiting for my turn to go in. I start to feel myself vibrating and shaking. “It’s okay, just go over your song and monologue the way you practiced,” I said to myself. “Ugh, but what if what I practiced might not be good enough. No matter, just give them a performance so good that they might pay to see the show.” I bet every girl in here is thinking that. They call me in, this is it! I walk in, introduce myself, express the song and monologue that I will be doing. Oh God, I’m done. I say thank you, they tell me that they’ll be in touch and I open the door to gather my things and leave.

It’s morning, I am sitting at the table eating breakfast and I hear the phone ring. It’s the casting director. I got the part! “Oh my goodness! Thank you so much!” He gives me the information and the schedule, I scramble to find a pencil and paper to write it down. I fumble while writing. As I hang up the phone, i can feel my heart pumping so much that it feels like it’s about to jump out of my chest!

Months of rehearsals go buy and one review night gone well. We got good reviews and are now able to move to Broadway!

The first night. I feel anxious, excited, but mostly nervious. Tonight’s the night! I feel like I am in a dream. Why am I so nervous? We rehearsed for months and got good reviews. We have rehearsed so much that I just start doing the dance routines whenever I think of them, same with the songs. I should drink some water or tea before I go on. “You got this, just give them a performance that is so good, they’ll want to come again.” The Stage Manager knocks on my door and yells “Places!”. Here we go!

The Inspiration for this story:

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