Summary 4

This week was, again, pretty easy for me. This week we had to create videos to do our storytelling. I was pretty excited for the most part because I love looking at the art of camera work in movies, tv shows, and youtube videos. I do have to admit that I had a bit of a slow start at the begining of the week in terms of being motivated but I think I eventually reached the goal I wanted.

Our first assignment was to find a video that we wanted to use. But first, we had to watch it without the audio and focus on the camera work while noting the cuts, scene transitions, lighting, and how the camera work helps tell the story. Then we had to just listen to the audio without watching the scene. We had to note the pacing of the dialogue, space in the audio, and the use of music of sound effects. We also had to read an article which talks about how the placement of the actors and the camera angle can affect the story of the movie or tv show.

The next assignments that we had to accomplish were two video assignments from the Video Assignment Bank. I had a lot of fun with these ones. The first video I chose to do was Memories In College. A lot of my fondest memories are from college and I thought it would be fun to show y’all. Of course I have too many memories and not all of them will fit in one video, but I managed to use the ones that I did save and put them in a video. The second video I chose to do was a Get Ready With Me video. I chose this because I wanted to live out my dream of doing this type of video and upload it to Youtube. I filmed my nightly routine. Because I was actually getting ready for bed, this video actually took me two days to make. One day to film, the other day to edit.

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