Summary two

This weeks assignments really tested my patience, but nonetheless I think they turned out well and I am happy with them. This week we got to play around with photography and photoshop. I really enjoyed taking pictures of the different things in my house, trying to be picky with how I take the pictures and give the objects a story. I am no professional when it comes to potography but I still try my best.

The editing process was probably the most interesting for me to do. I had never done any type of photoshop before so it was fun to explore and getting to know. It also proved to be very difficult at times. figuring out how to use the different tools and how to cut out backgrounds was deffinitely time consuming, but worth it. Doing to assignments on the assignment bank I also enjoyed, my favorite being the Draw It assignment. That one was also easy which is probably one reason why I enjoyed it.

There are so many ways of story telling, and one way is by telling through visual art and photography. A photo can document someone’s journy, a life, growth, or evolution. Most of the time there is inspiration behind the photo. Visual photos are so interesting because the audience can make up so many stories to the photo without actually knowing the real story, which makes it even more fascinating.

Overall I enjoyed these assignments. They caused me to become pickier and think more critically.


To me, these assignments were probably the most difficult for me because of two reasons. One, they were very time consuming and there was a lot of figuring stuff out and two, a lot of the things we had to do I have never done before. So it was a big process for me. I really enjoyed taking pictures of small objects around my house. My favorite one is probably taking a picture of my magazine and making it look like its flipping the pages all by itself. I also really enjoyed some of the visual assignments, especially the Draw It. I really liked how that picture turned out (eventhough the filter app did it all for me).

I learned a lot with doing visual story telling because it made me think critically. When I was taking my pictures I thought about how interesting it might turn out to be, what story can I tell with this object, and how picky can I get? It is something that I found to be very interesting and helpful in story telling and I think everyone should try it out.

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