Summary One

I honestly feel pretty good about completing all of the requirements for the assignment. There were some complications as to complete the assignment which was very frustrating, but I eventually fixed it. This is also my first time doing something like this and I am not the most skilled when it comes to technology. So far what I have done for this assignment is the Daily Creates, About me, and the first summary. I had a harder time setting up than anything else

Working with the website gave me a lot of trouble. I got logged out and couldn’t remember my login, I later found out that I typed in the wrong email for WordPress, so I wasn’t getting any notification on needing to change my password and update my email. That took up more time than it needed to which caused me a lot of stress and frustration. But thankfully I was able to get back in and reset everything and wrote down my password. I enjoyed embedding my social media and uploading pictures on this website, it was very easy to do. I learned that I need to double check if I wrote things correctly if I sign up for something.

There probably isn’t much that I would do differently this assignment because I ended up having fun making it. I do have a question on commenting on other peoples blog posts, how do we do that? is it going to be visible for everyone to see? and how do we get credit for ? I base a lot of my social media on things that I like and are passionate about; Music, theatre, family and friends. I don’t find that I lot of my work has a lot of issues surrounding culture or society. I will say one thing though that a lot of the things that I like are what most will view as acquired tastes.

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