Summary 4

  1. What I learned.

I learned so much in this class. I learned how to set up a website. (which I may use for something else in the future hopefully) There were frustrating components that went into creating this website like typing in my email wrong and getting logged out and not being able to log in for a while. I learned how to photoshop and learned the hard way of how frustrating it can be, but I liked doing it in the end.

2. What I would do differently if I were to take this class again?

I would ask for help me. I am very much a do-it-yourself type person and so i wont ask for help unless i am failing misserably at something and I just can’t get it. I definitely needed help with using Adobe Photoshop.

3. What was the most exciting project?

I definitely found the Audio and Video projects the most exciting and fun. I learned how to edit and mix sound in another class, so doing that wasn’t too hard and I had fun picking out the different effects and music. I enjoyed doing the video projects because I got to live out my (sort of) Youtuber dream. I very much enjoyed creating my get ready with me nightly routine.

Thank you so much for a wonderful course! I hope to do some more of these creative projects in the future.

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