Summary 4

As this summer course continues and I start to get into the rhythm of things, things are beginning to be easier. This week was easier for me.

This week we were creating audio assignments and watch videos on audio storytelling and listen to podcasts. The videos that we had to watch were “Ira Glass on Storytelling.” This is a video series of about four videos. In the first video, Ira talks about the basics and building blocks of audio storytelling and what to accomplish when telling a story through audio. These videos I found very interesting because they helped me with going into listening to the podcasts.

The first Podcast we listened to was TED Talk Radio Hour. This Podcast features two men in which I cannot remember their names, but one of them is the host and the other is the guest. The guest comes on to talk about his experience with audio storytelling and why it is so important. He then goes on and talks about how audio storytelling is used in today’s world, which is pretty interesting. One kind of irrelevant detail that I found interesting about the guest is that he studied at Longwood University, which is where my brother attended college. The second, and last, podcast that we listened to was called “Moon Graffiti.” I really enjoyed this one. This particular audio recounts the Apollo 11 landing on the moon. The audio and sound effects make it sound as if you are actually there with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.

Overall this weeks assignments and Daily Create I found to be fun and easy. Now, whenever I listen to a podcast or the radio, I will listen to not just the people speaking and telling the story, but listen to the sound and audio and imagine what story it tells.

Below are the summaries/links to this weeks assignments.

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