Summary 3

This week was definitely more manageable for me and less frustrating. I felt that I have completed each assignment to its full capacity and have worked very hard on each assignment. I have found it easier to do edits in the Paint app. What gave me trouble was probably the Lord of the Rings picture. The reason I had trouble was I was trying to adjust the font after I finished writing the quote, I thought Pain would let me go back into editing the writing but it wouldn’t so I had to keep rewriting the text until I was satisfied. I learned that if you are not a pro at photoshop, Paint is easier to use.

I think what I enjoyed the most was making the Vogue magazine cover. I love taking mini photoshoots and that’s what I did to make the picture that I used. I also took a lot of other pictures to pick out from. I obviously didn’t use them but I used them in an Instagram post.

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