Setting up

What I tried to keep in mind while creating this blog was to make it easy for me and others to explore, while also make it look nice and pretty to look at. Setting up my domain and social media was pretty easy and interesting to set up. This is my first time creating a website. I knew I wanted my name in the Domain so all i did was typed in my first and last name, choose .com and now I am here. Social media, like I said, was pretty easy for me to create and what made it better was that I already had a Twitter and Youtube account.

Creating the multimodal introductio blog post was a little confusing to figure out. I first had to look up what multimodal meant first, and then I understood. I tried to center my multimodal introduction post around the things that I like. For example: for Youtube I used two of my favorite musical theatre videos, for Soundcloud I linked early 2000’s pop and classic rock.

For this blog, the theme that choose to do is my everyday life, to make it feel like you are stepping into someone else’s shoes for a couple minutes. This means that this blog may be a bit personal to me. I hope these daily blogs help you get to know me as a person and hopefully I get to know you all!

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