Scene work

For this assignment we were to pick a scene from a movie out of the Youtube playlists that were linked in this weeks assignment page, analyze the camera work and analyze the audio track of the scene. We first had to analyze the camera work without listening to the audio and take notes on the visual aspects of the clip, the camera angles, cuts, the number of times the camera switches view, the quality of light, cuts or transitions, and ways the camera tells or guides the story. Then, we had to analyze the audio by listening to the scene but not watching it. We had to take notes on the pacing of the dialogue, spaces in the audio, and use of music or sound effects.

Here is the link to the scene I will be referring to:

Here is what I noticed in the camera work:

I noticed only one camera angle which was angled from the bottom. The camera switched views about eleven times. There were about three cuts/transitions.

Here is what I noticed with the audio:

The pacing of the audio I would say was at a medium (not quite fast, not quite slow). I also noticed that there were two spaces/pauses in the audio and dialogue and those were after the lines “largely public,” and ‘The truth is…”

I will continue to watch this clip in case I find anything that I may have missed and update on what I have found.

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