Reflection on Audio Storytelling

Audio is such an interesting way to tell a story. It can give us so many feelings as to what may be happening in the story, what we think of as we hear the sound. When I listened to the audio of Moon Graffiti, I had a pretty good understanding of the atmosphere of the story. The ominous music made me think that this story takes place in space.

I have had some experience with audio making in another course and some of the things in this assignment I have already learned but am glad to be reminded of. Audio can, in my opinion, not just tell a story, but create an environment in the story and give off certain emotions. For example; if the audio is dark an eerie, then you might think that the story of it is going to be dark and suspenceful or dark and scary. For the environment, you might think of yourself in a dark, eerie place.

Going back to Moon Graffiti, I thought that it was effective in the story telling. I tried to not pay too much attention to the people talking and payed more attention to the background noise and sound effects. As I mentioned above, I think the story takes place in space. The sound effects that I heard was a loud crash noise, not loud, but obnoxious beeping, and a staticy radio/intercom. All of these sound effects made me think “ok, someone or something crashed, there’s an emergency, and someone is trying to give a message through the radio/intercom.” These sound effects gave the story a sense of suspence, a will they make it sort of feeling. These sound effects and audio, I thought, were very effective.

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