On The Town

Title: On the Town

Director(s): Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen

Actors: Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra, Betty Garrett, Anne Miller, Jules Munshin, and Vera-Ellen

Genre: Romantic comedy, Musical

Release Date: 1949

            Three sailors Gabey (Kelly), Chip (Sinatra), and Ozzie (Munshin), spend twenty-four hours of leave in New York City and try to make every second count. During a ride on the Subway, Gabey becomes mesmerized by a picture of a woman, Ivy Smith (Vera-Ellen), and hunts around NYC with his friends to find her. Along the way, they meet a loudmouthed cab driver Brunhilde “Hildy” Esterhazy (Garrett) and Claire Huddesen (Miller). 

           This movie is a fun-filled, family-friendly musical with the talents of legendary triple threat Gene Kelly and legendary singer Frank Sinatra. First, Gene Kelly offers a fantastic performance and is terrific. Second, Frank Sinatra gets to show off his musical talent in another light in this film, and he shows his incredible acting skills as well. Finally, although not as high-up as her fellow costars and mainly has a dance background, Vera-Ellen shows that she is a force to be reckoned with.

           The cinematography was not too complicated. It was easy to follow, and there were no awkward cuts and seemed practical for the filming style of the time. The tone of the movie gives off a feeling of fun and adventure. There are times when I wanted to get up and dance to some of the songs. The music in this movie musical is very vibrant and exciting. Some of the music is slow, jazzy, and romantic. An interesting factor was the sound of cars, the slamming of brakes, honking horns helps you understand how busy the streets of New York City are.

The acting was well done. The actors and actresses make it seem natural, as if they are embracing their character’s personalities as their own.  Something that might be fascinating about the movie is the costumes. I noticed that the female characters wear a lot of the same color or have a certain consistency in apparel. For example, Hildy wears a lot of yellow and beige. You will notice this in her taxi uniform and dress. Clair wears dark but vibrant colors and off-the-shoulder dresses. And Ivy, even though she wears many different colored outfits, a lot of them have shoulder pads.

This movie is definitely one of the classics and a must-watch. If you are a fan of fun, heartfelt musicals or a Gene Kelly fan, then this movie is for you.

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