Journal #3

This week we are starting to move away from the table work and started to get up and move around. We played some games to get us into the groove of things and to help us trust in each other as actors and motivate ourselves to make good acting choices.

We started off with playing a game where we would count up to 20. one person would start us off and the next person would continue but if people said the same number at the same time, we would have to start over until we got to 20. We played several rounds of this and eventually played it with our eyes closed. The second game we played we one where we had to make a noise and do a motion at the same time and everyone had to copy you. The next thing we did was one that I really enjoyed, we had to perform and scene that was a couple seconds long were we had to walk in, walk around and then leave. We had to come up with a scenario where something happened before we entered the room, then have something to do in the room, and have an event that happens after we left the room. We had to do all of this without talking. After the scene, everyone had to guess what happened before the entrance, what was happening in the scene, and what was going to happen when the person left. My scenario was that before I had entered the room I had gotten into a fight with my brother, I enter the room all flustered and angry, I then start to cry and leave to go cry to my mom. We went on to do some more team building games to help us all work together and not only were they fun but they were very helpful in getting us moving and preparing for blocking the play.

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