Journal #2

This week we worked on some table reading and got into the nitty gritty stuff. Our director asked us questions about what was happening in each scene that we read and what our characters truly feel and the reasoning behind some of the dialogue. I believe that doing this really helped me and everyone get into the mindset of what the play actually is and helped us realize how complicated our characters are. even the supporting and smaller characters. One of the questions that I was asked as the Nurse was why is she giving Callie all of these lessons and tips on how to take care of Sara and not her family. Does she feel that Callie is the best option to take care of Sara when she is discharged from the hospital? What does she see that no one else sees? These are questions I had a hard time figuring out because I had never thought of them before this rehearsal or when I read the script. One roadblock for me is that there is not much in this specific scene or my part to go off of, but that is something that I have to dive deeper into.

I have also on my own time been examining and doing research on the play. As I was doing this, I realized how relevant the story is for today’s world and how it affects us. In the play, Callie and Sara are violently assaulted, a hate crime was committed against them. I feel that this play brings up a heavy topic that should be addressed more and this play does a good job of bringing awareness to what is happening to the LGBTQIA+ community.

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