Independent Restaurant Review

Sammy T’s

            Address: 801 Caroline St, Fredericksburg, VA 22401

            Hours: Monday, Wednesday – Thursday: 11:30AM-8PM, Tuesday: Closed, Friday – Saturday: 11:30AM -9PM, Sunday: 11:30AM – 7PM.

            Phone Number: (540) 371-2008

            Price Range: $10.00 – $26.00

 Sammy T’s has been an iconic staple of Downtown Fredericksburg since its founding in 1981 by Samuel T. Emory. Before it became Sammy T’s, the building served as an Auction House and General Store in 1805 after its construction. Then it served as the Fredericksburg Post Office until 1921. After that, it became Horton’s Auto. There might not be many known things about Samuel T. Emory, but what is known is that he was a former professor of Geography at the University of Mary Washington.

The service at Sammy T’s is exceptionally good with little wait time for food. In all the times that I spent there the service was enjoyable and the wait staff is always polite. The atmosphere of the restaurant is small but cozy, the sun always shining through the glass windows and the doors makes it feel warm and inviting. But, because of its small size, it can feel a little cramped at times.

The first dish I ordered was the Grilled Cheese. It contained Cheddar, Mozzarella, and Swiss as the three kinds of cheeses. It also came with a side of homemade pickles and fries. The presentation was neat. Each food had its own portion of the plate. There was a good number of fries on the plate, the sandwich bread was toasted to a nice golden brown. The pickles were settled nicely beside the sandwich.  There was a mixture of tastes from the sandwich due to the different cheeses it consisted of; there was the distinct taste of cheddar, mixed with the creamy taste of the mozzarella and swiss. The fries were perfectly salted, and the homemade pickles had a certain tanginess to them. The texture of the sandwich was a mixture of crunchy and creamy. It was crunchy due to the toasted bread, and creamy due to all the different cheeses. The fries were perfectly crunchy, and the pickles were expectedly moist.


Delicious food, exceptionally attentive service, not a long wait for food


Can feel a little cramped at times.

A definite must if you are visiting Fredericksburg. Would recommend for a first date.

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