Daily create five

Todays prompt was to describe a loss in digital form.

I chose a PS2 because brother and I used to play video games every day on our old PS 2. Then one year my brother decided to sell it and all of our games because we didn’t play as much as we used to. He later came to regret his decision and began to miss playing his games. I couldn’t do much because it was his PS2. For a while we weren’t able to get it back which made me sad. Then one year, My brother’s friend gave him back all the games that he sold him because they were of no more use to him. Yay! but we still didn’t have our PS2. Then one day, one of his other friends had an old PS2 and gave it to him. Yay! But there is one small set back. We don’t have the right cable to hook it up to our tv. No! We were so close!

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