Advertisements everywhere

For my designblitz assignment, I decided to drive around my city to see what I could find. And boy did I see a lot of advertisements. I found advertisements for local companies, schools, garages, and medical companies. The first picture I took while I was dropping off my car at a garage. The color in the picture is very bright and colorful. I feel as if the colors are jumping out at me. I don’t think this is very effective because the picture is very cartoonish it is not something I would pay that much attention to.

My second picture is of an 18-wheeler that I saw while in a parking lot. The first thing that my eyes went to was the big “R”. There a lot of dominace with the “R” and the red and blue which I think makes this advertisement effactive in terms of where your gaze might go. Also, there are lines in it that create a sort of balance and direction.

The next two pictures show a bit of minimalism and used up a lot of the space with different sized fonts. It was hard for me to focus on one spot. I don’t think these were effective.

The last picture I found at a gas station. I think this also has a hint of minimalism, and the fonts are different sizes as well. I found this sign to be effective because of the red letters.When I think of the color red, I think “stop” or a sense of urgency, therefore I think the people who designed this sign made it so that it is urgent that you get the oil change special and your tires rotated for $39.95.

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