Drawing of nature

This is actually a photoshoped picture of a walk that I went on with some friends.

This image was taken in Fredericksburg, VA. I was with some friends and we were walking across a bridge. We stopped on the bridge to give ourselves a break and I looked up and saw an opportunity to take this picture of the gorgeous scenery. It was a beautiful day and a special day as this was taken on one of my best friends birthday. Below is the drawn photo.

How to do this:

  1. Download Pencil Photo Sketch Editor

2. Once it has downloaded, open it up and go to gallary

3. Select the photo you would like to photoshop.

4. Try out and select which filter you like and hit save.

Creating my own book jacket

Making this really tested me. I had never used photoshop before and it took me a while to figure out how to use it. When I used the photoshop, I started off being enthusiastic, then that turned into stress, which then turned into frustration because this picture took me hours to complete. I have to admit that I think I may have over thought this assignment when I read the description in the assignment bank. Nonetheless I am happy with how it turned out.