Favorite Moments in College

This week we are studying, and completing assignments from the Video Assignment Bank.

The first one I created is called Favorite Moments in College. I was really excited to create this and it wasn’t too difficult to put together. In this video I have compiled some of my favorite memories in no particular order. There are also some moments in here that happened in 2019. In this video you will see a lot of laughs, smiles, and good times. You will also see that the pandemic did not dampen our spirits and still managed to make some wonderful memories!

How I created the video:

First, I downloaded iMovie from the app store.

Then, I favorited some pictures from my camera roll.

Downloaded some videos from my Snapchat.

Then, I went onto iMovie and compiled all of the pictures and videos into one.

I sent the video to myself in an email, downloaded it onto my computer.

Went into video editor and edited in the title and end credits.

I hope you enjoy!