My night routine

Another assignment from the Video assignment bank. The name of the original assignment is called Get Ready With Me. In the description, it said that we could make whatever kind of getting ready video we wanted, whether it be a morning routine, night routine, or a getting ready to go out video. I decided to do a night routine. My dreams of filming a routine video and posting it on Youtube have finally came true!

In the video, the first thing I do is undo my bed. Then I close my curtains and get into my pajamas. Afterwards, I go into the bathroom and do my skincare routine which consists of me washing my face with CeraVe, putting toner on after washing my face, acne cream, eye cream, chapstick, and moisturizer. Then I brush my teeth for a couple of minutes. After brushing my teeth, I take some melatonin because I have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep.

How I created this:

First off, I did actually film this at night right before I went to bed. I edited the video the next day.

I downloaded i Movie.

I then recorded the things I usually do when getting ready for bed (mentioned above).

I used the time-lapse feature on some of the videos that I thought needed it.

I then went into iMovie, downloaded and rearanged the videos in the order that I filmed them in.

Slowed down the time-lapsed videos a little.

And lastly, I added the music.

Favorite Moments in College

This week we are studying, and completing assignments from the Video Assignment Bank.

The first one I created is called Favorite Moments in College. I was really excited to create this and it wasn’t too difficult to put together. In this video I have compiled some of my favorite memories in no particular order. There are also some moments in here that happened in 2019. In this video you will see a lot of laughs, smiles, and good times. You will also see that the pandemic did not dampen our spirits and still managed to make some wonderful memories!

How I created the video:

First, I downloaded iMovie from the app store.

Then, I favorited some pictures from my camera roll.

Downloaded some videos from my Snapchat.

Then, I went onto iMovie and compiled all of the pictures and videos into one.

I sent the video to myself in an email, downloaded it onto my computer.

Went into video editor and edited in the title and end credits.

I hope you enjoy!