Are we there yet?

In this picture I am sitting at a table in Sammy T’s having my first margarita (I am 21). The background is a pine tree and some snow on the ground. But wait, that’s not right. It’s almost summer! Well, as much as I love the warm weather and going on vacations, Christmas is my favorite time of the year. Christmas is the time when all of my family traditions come out to play, I go skiing every winter with my mom, I spend early Christmas with my family, and I love sitting by the fire drinking hot chocolate and listening to Christmas music.

My dog is missing! (Not actually)

For another design assignment I chose to creat a missing poster of my dog. When I saw this assignment I thought “why not?” I’ve never had a poster of my dog and I think it’s high time I had one. I also talked about her in my About Me, so I also thought that I show y’all what she looks like. How I created this was I looked up “Missing dog poster template” on google images, picked out which one I liked, took a picture of my dog, filled in some of the details, edited my dog’s picture and hit save.

“Let us be rid of it, once and for all!”

As my favorite movie quote, I chose this one from The Lord of the Rings: The Return of tIhe King.”

I chose this quote because it always gets me emotional and gives me the chills. I love watching the trilogy with my family and by myself. I cannot explain how amazingly well done the movies are, the acting, the scenery, the music, the CGI, everything is just amazing!