Spooky Season

Here is my first audio assignment that I used from the Audio Assignment Bank. Although it’s not spooky season yet, I still love some spooky/horror related things and had a lot of fun making this audio.

How I created the audio:

I already had Audacity downloaded onto my computer so that part I didn’t need to do.

I clicked on the link to Freesound on the syllabus and clicked on and downloaded the sound called “horror bowl” by Klankbeeld.

Then I went onto another website called Zapsplat (which has free sound effect samples that you can download into an MP3 thing).

I downloaded the sound effects that I wanted to use that were in the horror category.

Once everything was downloaded, I imported the “Horro bowl” sound and listened to it to come up with ideas of how I wanted to make the audio.

I then imported the other sound effects and moved them around to see where it fit best and how it sounded