A collection of my favorite sounds

This assignment I took from the Audio Assignment bank called “A collection of your favorite sounds.”

This assignment was pretty easy and straight forward except I had to think of sounds that i found satisfying. But that didn’t take too long. Lately I have been watching some videos of people having close encounters with whales, so lately i’ve been liking the sounds of a whale song (that is the first sound). The second sound is horse hooves hitting hard ground, I ride horses every week and hearing this sound is kind of satisfying to me. The second sound is the sound of a soda can being opened. And the Last sound is hard/high heeled shoes on concrete.

How I did this:

I went onto the Audio Assignment Bank and chose the assignment mentioned above.

I went onto Zapsplat (has free sound effects) and downloaded the sound effects I wanted.

Then, I went into Audacity, imported the sounds and placed them where I wanted, exported it into an MP3 and uploaded it to Soundcloud.