A collection of my favorite sounds

This assignment I took from the Audio Assignment bank called “A collection of your favorite sounds.”

This assignment was pretty easy and straight forward except I had to think of sounds that i found satisfying. But that didn’t take too long. Lately I have been watching some videos of people having close encounters with whales, so lately i’ve been liking the sounds of a whale song (that is the first sound). The second sound is horse hooves hitting hard ground, I ride horses every week and hearing this sound is kind of satisfying to me. The second sound is the sound of a soda can being opened. And the Last sound is hard/high heeled shoes on concrete.

How I did this:

I went onto the Audio Assignment Bank and chose the assignment mentioned above.

I went onto Zapsplat (has free sound effects) and downloaded the sound effects I wanted.

Then, I went into Audacity, imported the sounds and placed them where I wanted, exported it into an MP3 and uploaded it to Soundcloud.

Audio Assignment 2

For this second audio assignmment, I chose to do “played from another room.”

There are two parts to this particular assignment. The first part was creating the audio. Here is the second part:

You are in your room trying to do your homework. You hear your brother play his music because his room is right next to yours. At first you don’t mind and carry on. Then his favorite song from his favorite rock band starts blasting. You start to get a little irritated and distrated. You start to get up to ask him to turn down his music. But your mother gets there before you and asks him to turn it down. He does so and you return to your homework.

Spooky Season

Here is my first audio assignment that I used from the Audio Assignment Bank. Although it’s not spooky season yet, I still love some spooky/horror related things and had a lot of fun making this audio.

How I created the audio:

I already had Audacity downloaded onto my computer so that part I didn’t need to do.

I clicked on the link to Freesound on the syllabus and clicked on and downloaded the sound called “horror bowl” by Klankbeeld.

Then I went onto another website called Zapsplat (which has free sound effect samples that you can download into an MP3 thing).

I downloaded the sound effects that I wanted to use that were in the horror category.

Once everything was downloaded, I imported the “Horro bowl” sound and listened to it to come up with ideas of how I wanted to make the audio.

I then imported the other sound effects and moved them around to see where it fit best and how it sounded