The process of this entire project was definitely interesting in a good way. Before this I guess I underestimated how much work I would be doing for this project. I didn’t know how much was put into it. But I managed to get what I needed done. With the journals I was not entirely sure of what to write about and how much, I understood that I was supposed to write about what we had done for each rehearsal and the process of the production and this project, but there were times where we did not do much or we did the same things for some of the rehearsal. When that happened, I just decided to write about what I was doing outside of rehearsals, the other sections that I had to do for this project. I think I did well with the journals, it definitely helped me with jotting my thoughts down and helped me realize some goals to accomplish. The research section I felt I did well on, I feel like there were some areas that could have been more fleshed out but some of the websites that I used and that came up when I googled the information were limited, so for what I did have, I think I did well. The visuals I had a little bit of fun with, I got a little creative with my mood board and created what I thought would give a glimpse into the mood and idea of who I imagined my character to be like. I think I did really well with my visuals.

With the rehearsal process, our director gave us a clear road map of how rehearsals were going to go and what to expect. The whole rehearsal process went how I expected it to be and I feel like everything was relatively easy to understand and easy to go along with. One thing I learned from early on in this process is to think more of where my character is coming from, what she is doing to help the characters and why. Early on in the process I had not thought much about this until our second or third tablework. As the rehearsal process went on I have gotten better at taking direction, I also think that this process has helped me grow as an actor and I have been able to use what I have learned from watching other people and classes I have taken. With all of this being said, goals were achieved throughout this process and it has come together very well.