Daily Create

Daily create one

Posted on  by Logan Waddell

“It is not our abilities that show who we truly are. It is our choices.”

This quote is very near and dear to me and it has stuck with me for quite a long time. I have used this in my highschool yearbook as a senior quote and use it in my everyday life.

For the context of this quote, Harry has killed the basilisk snake and destroyed Tom Riddle’s diary in the Chamber of Secrets. It is in this scene that Dumbledore says those words.

The meaning of this can vary depending on how you think of it. For example: just because someone has certain abilities, doesn’t mean that’s who they are as a person and we shouldn’t judge people on what they can and can’t do. What truly counts choices, making choices shows how we think, what we believe, and who we are as a person. This quote can be a motivation to show others who we truly are and the things we are capable of.

Daily create two

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Hopefully in the end I will leave some sort of legacy or have an impact on someone’s life, even if it’s small.

Growing up I always knew what I wanted to do as a career. I wanted to become an actress. I still want that. I always felt that the theatre was my second home, a place where I felt truly happy. A theatre is a place where people can escape the stress and hardships of the day and enjoy themselves and enjoy the moment for a couple of hours. I like to make people feel good and enjoy themselves and I like to show that through my work

I also grew up on giving back to my community. I always tried to do what I can to help in whatever way i possibly can, whether it’s donating to local community centers, volunteering in homeless shelters, or traveling to a different state with my church to help people with redoing and repairing certain parts of their house. It’s small impacts like these that I hope to leave in someone’s life.

Daily Create three

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For todays Daily Create, we had to “find something interesting about this day and make a poster about it”

I chose to go the historical route. I was scrolling through websites and didn’t find anything that stuck with me until I read a box that said “Amelia Earhart lands near Londonderry, Ireland, to become the first woman fly solo across the Atlantic.” I am a little bit of a history buff and enjoy learning about women in history. I especially enjoy learning about women who were the first to accomplish something that was revolutionary and historical for their time. Amelia Earhart was one of these women. Fun fact; She helped create the Ninety-Nines, which is a global organization that advances female pilots.

Daily Create Four

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Today’s prompt was to take a picture of your location facing the west. For this, I chose my backyard. This is where I hang out with friends and family and where I play with my dog. I also have many fond memories in this backyard from when I was a little girl. And yes, that is my dog in the corner.

Daily create five

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Todays prompt was to describe a loss in digital form.

I chose a PS2 because brother and I used to play video games every day on our old PS 2. Then one year my brother decided to sell it and all of our games because we didn’t play as much as we used to. He later came to regret his decision and began to miss playing his games. I couldn’t do much because it was his PS2. For a while we weren’t able to get it back which made me sad. Then one year, My brother’s friend gave him back all the games that he sold him because they were of no more use to him. Yay! but we still didn’t have our PS2. Then one day, one of his other friends had an old PS2 and gave it to him. Yay! But there is one small set back. We don’t have the right cable to hook it up to our tv. No! We were so close!

Daily create 6

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Today’s Daily Create prompt was “If you were a musical instrument, which would you be and why?”

I chose a piano because it’s something I grew up playing and there are so many things you can create with it. Piano music can create more than just music to listen to, it can be used to create a story and emotion, whether it’s an emotion that it gives you, or you can feel the emotion in the music. You can play as many songs as you like on a piano. Whether it’s classical, pop, classic rock, jazz, etc., you can play whatever you want on it. (I prefer playing classical, classic rock and musicals).

Daily create 7

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Todays prompt was to show where and how you walk.

For the past year, I haven’t been going out much, and usually during the summer I don’t do a lot of traveling. So I just hang around my house in my bare feet.

Daily create 8

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Today’s prompt was to summarize the plot of a book in one sentence.

I chose Safe Haven. Woman runs away from abusive husband, meets widower in small town, they fall in love.

I chose this books because it is one of my favorites by Nicholas Sparks. This story has a lot of twists and turns, plot twists, some moments that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The movie is just as good. I recommend that you read this book, and after you have read it, watch the movie.

Daily Create 8

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Today’s promt was to make a hybrid appliance

Here is my slow cooking microwave.

Daily Create 9

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Today’s prompt was to research a medical myth. In researching these myths, it has made me think that I have had enough internet for the day.

I chose to post the Tapeworm Diet. You think today’s diets are crazy? Not as crazy as this. Some people in the 1800s used to eat tapeworms in order to lose weight. This has been proven to be false as it has caused stomach pains, constipation, and dementia. Crazy right?

Daily Create 10

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Today’s Daily Create prompt is to explain the plot of a TV show in one sentence.

I chose one of my favorite TV shows from the BBC, Sherlock. One of my friends suggested it to me one day and I was hooked. I got my mom into it and we started watching it together. Then, I got one of my friends into it and now she and I have the same favorite episode.

Sherlock: A high-functioning sociopath and his partner solve crimes.

Daily Create 11

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Today’s prompt was “What would be on DScovery Channel next week if we’d open up such a channel?”

Here is what I created and posted.

Daily create 12

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Today’s prompt was to create a DS 106 (Discovery Spaceship 106) spaceship

Below is what I created.

I created this by going into the Paint app and clicked on “edit with 3D paint.” Then I clicked on “3D shapes,” “Open 3D library,” then clicked on “Space” and looked through the options that were provided and clicked on the spaceship.

I present to you the Discovery Spaceship model 106, where each part of the ship is built off of every single crewman’s creativity and strength!

Daily create 13

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Today’s prompt was to think of a word, describe it, and have our classmates guess the word.

Here I have embedded my clue. Can you guess what the word is?

Daily Create 14

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Today’s daily create prompt was “wet and dry”

Here I have embedded my reply. This is a picture of my cousin and I on the beach at a family vacation in 2015. our feet were wet but the rest of us was dry.

Daily Create 15

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Today’s Daily Create (I meant to post this on here yesterday but forgot) was to tell what is special about today. It is Donut Day and donuts are a special treat, to me at least.

Daily Creat 16

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Today’s prompt was to show what we collect.

There are many things that I collect, but the thing that I collect the most is yarn for my projects. It has gotten to the point where I have two boxes full of yarn and needles.

Daily create 17

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Today’s prompt was to create a badge of honor for school teachers. I found this a little heartwarming as my mom is a teacher.

Below is the badge that I created.

Daily Create 18

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Today’s prompt was to record an audio of yourself reciting a poem but every word is repeated.

For this, I chose to recite “It’s Dark In Here” by Shel Silverstein. When I was trying to come up with what kind of poem I wanted to do, I was looking around for some books with poems that I had, I looked on the shelves above my desk that I work at, and there it was, the book Where The Sidewalk Ends. I looked through it to find some fun short poems and I found the poem with the picture below of a lion laying down with an arm coming out of its mouth holding a pencil and writing on a piece of paper.

Daily Create 19

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Today’s prompt was to invent a useless superpower.

Mine would be to turn disco music into light beams. Because who doesn’t like having crazy lights when listening to music!.

Daily Create 20

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Today’s prompt was to show our love for the color pink. I have knitted some close using pink/magenta yarn, and I have a One Direction Pillow Pet. The sweater and two hats are from patterns that I used from a book called The Complete Photo Guide to Knitting 2nd Edition.

Daily Create 21

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Today’s prompt was to edit the flower giving cop into a picture.

I chose a picture of my dog. She accepts the flowers.

Daily Create 22

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Today’s prompt was to create a Where’s Waldo picture, but insert yourself. Can you see where I am?

Daily Create 23

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Today’s daily create was to create an interesting latte.