Tutorial on my final project

I had a hard time figuring out what kind of character I wanted to create. But then I thought of the musical Annie and how there is one character who doesn’t have an official name, she is only reffered to as the ‘Star to be’. I had an aha moment and took inspiration from that character and put my own story to her.

The first media I created was the audition poster. How I did this was I went onto a website called Canva, where you can use free templates to make posters. I typed in Broadway show poster template and what you see in my project was the template. I then looked up theatres in New York to make it seem more real, so I typed in the Palace Theatre. I liked the font that was used for the word Broadway, so I kept it. I typed in audition, the date, a discription of what the directors, producers, and casting directors where looking for, and the time in which the audition starts.

For the audio, I downloaded some sounds off of Freesound and sent them to my phone so that I could use Garage Band. (I tried using Audacity but it wouldn’t let me download one of the sounds) Some of the sounds I created myself. I recorded myself doing a vocal warmup using Audacity, then I lowered the bass, treble, and volume to make it sound lofi. Then, I used a makeup bag and recorded myself putting on a desk and unzipping it. I recorded myself unscrewing the top of a powder box and tapping a powder brush against it I recorded myself was me closing a door (my bedroom door to be exact) to give the illusion that my character was leaving her dressing room to go onstage. The last thing I recorded was the music. The music is an instrumental of the song “NYC” from Annie. I put all of the sounds that I downloaded and recorded onto Garage Band, edited them, and placed them where I wanted until I was satisfied.

The last thing I created was the ticket. I created that the same way I created the audition poster. I went into Canva, searched theatre ticket. I typed in the actual actress’s name that was the inspiration for my character and who is in the inspiration video. I typed in the name of the show and typed in some of the credits. Then, I typed in the price of the ticket, the Palace Theatre, and the year of the show.

I hope you enjoy!

Daily Create 27 (My Last One!)

As this course comes to an end, this will be the last Daily Create that I will post. Todays Daily Create was to create a mind map of what DS106 reminds us of.

Here is what I created.

Thank you so much for a wonderful course, I learned so much! I hope you all have a great summer!

Daily Create 24

Today’s prompt was to select a quote from the Frog and Toad twitter page and illustrate the it. I decided to use an actual illustration from the book because I am not very good with drawing on a computer, and I feel that my drawing would not do the quote any justice. Doing today’s Daily Create was a stroll down memory lane for me, because my mom used to read the Frog and Toad books to me almost every night when I was little.

The quote I chose was: “Toad blinked in the bright sun. ‘Help!’ Said Toad. ‘I cannot see anything.'”

Summary 4

This week was, again, pretty easy for me. This week we had to create videos to do our storytelling. I was pretty excited for the most part because I love looking at the art of camera work in movies, tv shows, and youtube videos. I do have to admit that I had a bit of a slow start at the begining of the week in terms of being motivated but I think I eventually reached the goal I wanted.

Our first assignment was to find a video that we wanted to use. But first, we had to watch it without the audio and focus on the camera work while noting the cuts, scene transitions, lighting, and how the camera work helps tell the story. Then we had to just listen to the audio without watching the scene. We had to note the pacing of the dialogue, space in the audio, and the use of music of sound effects. We also had to read an article which talks about how the placement of the actors and the camera angle can affect the story of the movie or tv show.

The next assignments that we had to accomplish were two video assignments from the Video Assignment Bank. I had a lot of fun with these ones. The first video I chose to do was Memories In College. A lot of my fondest memories are from college and I thought it would be fun to show y’all. Of course I have too many memories and not all of them will fit in one video, but I managed to use the ones that I did save and put them in a video. The second video I chose to do was a Get Ready With Me video. I chose this because I wanted to live out my dream of doing this type of video and upload it to Youtube. I filmed my nightly routine. Because I was actually getting ready for bed, this video actually took me two days to make. One day to film, the other day to edit.

My night routine

Another assignment from the Video assignment bank. The name of the original assignment is called Get Ready With Me. In the description, it said that we could make whatever kind of getting ready video we wanted, whether it be a morning routine, night routine, or a getting ready to go out video. I decided to do a night routine. My dreams of filming a routine video and posting it on Youtube have finally came true!

In the video, the first thing I do is undo my bed. Then I close my curtains and get into my pajamas. Afterwards, I go into the bathroom and do my skincare routine which consists of me washing my face with CeraVe, putting toner on after washing my face, acne cream, eye cream, chapstick, and moisturizer. Then I brush my teeth for a couple of minutes. After brushing my teeth, I take some melatonin because I have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep.

How I created this:

First off, I did actually film this at night right before I went to bed. I edited the video the next day.

I downloaded i Movie.

I then recorded the things I usually do when getting ready for bed (mentioned above).

I used the time-lapse feature on some of the videos that I thought needed it.

I then went into iMovie, downloaded and rearanged the videos in the order that I filmed them in.

Slowed down the time-lapsed videos a little.

And lastly, I added the music.