Hello! My name is Logan Waddell and I am a Theatre Major at the University of Mary Washington. I am a rising junior and loving college life.

Growing up I became classically trained on the piano and was an honor student in 2012, 2015-2018, performed in Honors recitals, and have received five awards. Also when growing up, I took dance classes and performed in studio productions, and took horseback riding lessons. I still dance and ride horses to this day.

For work experience, I got my first job at Gadsby’s Tavern in Old Town Alexandria as a junior docent around the age of eleven. In high school, I participated in my school’s unpaid internship program for two years. During my first year, I interned at my old elementary Aquinas Montessori as a teacher and office assistant. In my second year, I interned at Convergence in Alexandria, Virginia as an assistant to the business curator. For this I mostly with small office jobs and projects, along with whatever he needed me to get done. After my two years of interning, I got my first paying job as a teacher assistant for a ballet class for young kids at Metropolitan School of the Arts, which is the studio where I took classes myself. Lastly, in between doing these jobs, I also babysat for some friends and did some dog sitting for the families in my neighborhood.

When it comes to career goals, the dream is to perform on local professional stages and eventually work my way up to Broadway.